I think part of the reason I decided to get my MA in Media Studies is to figure out exactly what I want to do with my future. I’ve always loved the media in general which is why I chose Mass Communication as my undergraduate degree. When I started as a freshman, I was disappointed to learn my school didn’t offer production classes. This is probably my strongest area of interest because I had to do a lot of outside activities to fulfill my ambitions to produce. (Mattern says a field is what you make it – I’ve explored so many corners of the communications field and I keep turning back to media as entertainment).

The entertainment industry fascinates me and although I don’t think I have the time or aptitude to fulfill a private dream of becoming a movie producer, I think my goals as of now is to pursue something in the movie or TV industry – I have no idea what.

I’ve always been inspired by directors like Baz Luhrmann, (well, he’s my favorite) who can take a simple story and fill it with such creativity and emotion. It’s this emotion that I find fascinating (or as Marco mentioned, “the escape from our ordinary lives”). What makes a viewer so engaged into a work that it “leaves you thinking?” I don’t know if this is related to psychology, but in this sense I think I would love to produce something inspiring which would put me on the creative tract.

In a more research and writing thesis, (I’m really at the beginning stages of exploring my options here) my love for travel has given me a love for different cultures. Anyone who has been to Europe and turned on the TV sees such differences in not only the language, but the way media is presented. They are also much more open as far as cursing and nudity (I’m speaking of Europe because that’s where I’ve been). I’ve done past research with media effects and I would love to continue this while exploring different cultures and their entertainment.

I think these two topics are ones that would give me a level of commitment and engagement worthy of producing an informing and useful master’s thesis.


I will be detailing my progression through my MA in Media Studies at the New School.