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Spatial Stories


As part of my course, the Miniature and the Mobile, our first assignment was De Carteaus’ Spatial Stories.  My response reflects on my morning commute, using De Carteau’s terminology: Along the tour, the organized movements of my car bypass many landmarks.  The first of these is a farm I pass on my right.  Then, an […]

Thesis Proposal


Abstract: This project will examine the social media revolution that is taking place.  It will study three subject areas very closely to evaluate the changes and effects social media is creating.  They include: interpersonal communication, business and marketing, and journalism.  A combination of both primary and secondary research will be used to evaluate how social media […]

I was very interested in the Interactive Guantanamo through Second Life.  My undergraduate school was very involved with Second Life and I’ve been fascinated by machinima in general.  I experimented with it and even visited my university on Second Life.  I traveled to Europe.  I went to stores.  It was almost creepy.  I attended a […]

Paul Ryan


Like a lot of others, many of this stuff went over my head but I also found “threeing” very interesting. Like many things in my courses, I am finding it to be a bit psychological. As Ryan exampled, I am one of three children and also as he mentioned, it was always two versus one […]

I was a lost freshman.  I chose Communication as my major without really knowing what it was.  I knew my university didn’t offer journalism as a major and that was the only career I had seriously considered.  But after four years in high school of writing for three newspapers and various other publications, I was […]

I don’t know if this counts as “new” either but I’m still discovering Google.  We all know Google is a fantastic search engine, but when updating my portfolio website, I figured I’d give Google analytics a try.  I can track who viewed by website and where, how many times, where they came from, if they […]