Paul Ryan


Like a lot of others, many of this stuff went over my head but I also found “threeing” very interesting. Like many things in my courses, I am finding it to be a bit psychological. As Ryan exampled, I am one of three children and also as he mentioned, it was always two versus one growing up. To make matters worse, my brother and sister are twins so it really was two versus one. The concept of threeing reminds me of what we learned in peer mediation at a young age. His website describes it as “yoga” for relationships and I think this is fascinating. Perhaps I could have used this growing up. Additionally, it reminds me of being the “third wheel” which often came up in my youth. By having an initiator, respondent, and mediator, perhaps it would never feel this way.

The speech/writing schema was interesting because I never thought too deeply about the idea that our behaviors as children are just the commands of adults. I have thought about how poor parenting leads to rogue children, and I guess this kind of goes along with that. I like Sophie’s interpretation that video can help provide answers and also determine the questions. Growing up as a visual leaner, video has always instructed me on things my parents did not. It helped me to think creatively and spawned my love for media.

I also wanted to comment on Ryan’s mention of how videos can help us understand and appreciate ecology and therefore prevent us from destroying it. I was watching “Life” last night on Discovery Channel (the one narrated by Oprah). These close-ups and detailed descriptions of these animals’ everyday lives really do personalize their existence in a way that you are forced to appreciate them. Shows like Meerkat Manor get people so involved in the lives of these otherwise overlooked beings.


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